MantasTech ERP

The Finance and Accounts Management helps you to manage all your critical accounting functions.
HR & Payroll
Human Resource Management makes your life easy to manage all the necessary data you need about your employee.
Recurring and Usage Billing
Create plans that bill monthly, quarterly or yearly. Charge for overages in data usage, extra email addresses.
Flexible Fees
Easily charge setup fees for new installs or late fees when customers fall behind.
Centralized Ticket Management
Easily review a history of the reservations with this legible module. Intuitive guest database provides you with all important information.
Keep track of installation, billing questions and support questions in one location.
Email Integration
Incoming emails are automatically converted to tickets or added to existing tickets. New emails are composed directly from MantasTech Billing System. No need for an email client!
Billing Notices
Send professional looking paper or email statements, late notices and receipts to your customers. Choose between PDFs, HTML or plain emails.